Monday, 23 April 2007

Bitten off more than I can chew ??

Well my college work is all submitted, and assuming they are happy with it, I'll be flying back into then more or less straight back out the UK at the end of June to sit the RHS exam. So proper studying starts now, I've got just over two months to learn all I need to know. Now that in itself I reckon I could manage, but I've also managed to sign myself up to do the FA level 2 coaching qualification, starts on Friday for a long weekend, then the following weekend toowith a load of post course assessment stuff to do, and I've signed myself up again for Greek lessons - it'll be like being back at school again !!!
We are now visitorless, having waived bye to Mam and Dad yesterday, it was good to see everybody.
Weatherwise it's starting to get hot now, still a bit changeable but it was upto 28 degrees today - with the rain we've had things are growing like mad - I've got fruit on my tomatoes and things are flowering well. Now before anybody calls me a lucky get - just remember by August everything will be frazzled and your stuff will be romping away. For those interested I remembered to take my camera out today and took some pics of some of the wildflowers and of a Swift (or maybe a swallow) that is nesting at our office, and they are in the photo's link. And for those who can't be bothered there's a pic just for you at the top !!!

Monday, 9 April 2007

Feeling ancient !!!

My little boy is 8 today - how did that happen ??? I'm only 26 how can he be 8 ??? Up at the crack of dawn today, bounced awake my Mattie, desperate to come downstairs and open his presents. It's great to see him so excited, he even went to bed early last night so that his birthday would come quicker.
It's been a busy week with visitors to entertain, they left on Saturday - the next ones come on Thursday, gives us a few days to put the house back together after the whirlwind effect of 4 small boys (and assorted friends) running in and out of the house. I've done 3 of the 4 test papers I need to do, hope to do the last one tonight, then I've only two trees, 5 perennials, and 3 bulbs to do for the plant portfolio. I've done all the drawings I need so that helps. With a bit of luck I should be able to get it all packaged and send off to the college before Mam and Dad arrive. :-)
In the garden I've planted out some more tomatoes, put up another wigwam and planted out some cukes to grow up it, and planted out a courgette, I'm not certain that the snails won't get it so I've sown some more just in case.The sweetpeas have just started to flower, they are still quite small, I'm hoping that they grow up the wigwams a bit more. Out back , the big citrus is absolutely covered in blossom, releasing a very strong scent that I'm not sure whether I like or not. The fields where I walk Charlie are ablaze with colour, they are like cornfields as you imagine them, yellow, blue and red flowers intermingled with the grasses. When I remember my camera I'll take a picture. To the back of the field there is a tree covered in purple blossom, I think it's a Judas tree - I'm going to explore further later, whatever it is it's lovely. Cistus are also growing wild and starting to flower on the bondu.
The only problem with the weather warming up is that the snakes have started to come out, saw one about 6 feet long the other day just sunning itself by the bushes, fortunately it saw me and slithered off before Charlie saw it - he is stupid enough to go "dancing" around them barking. Only a couple of them are poisonous, but I'm not planning on going up and asking them whether they are the poisonous ones or not so am just going to try to avoid them all. We have been given some medicine to inject into the pets should they be bitten mind - enough to keep them alive until we get to the vet !!!!!

Monday, 2 April 2007

Yah soo ti kanis, si kala ?

They've arrived - the first of the summer visitors. Michael, Jane and their little boys Christopher and Stephen hit Cyprus over the weekend - it is bedlam in our house now, feel like a permanent referee as boys of 7 (nearly 8), 2X9 years olds and a 10 (I think) year old do what boys of that age do. But it's good to see my two so excited, it is however, quieter to be at work !!!
I've decided I like late shifts more than earlies - it's a struggle getting up at 5 to start at 6, but coming in at 2, gives me chance to do things in the morning. Today I took a table top thingy made up from a mosaic we bought in Jordan to a carpenter in Xylotimpou, and spoke my first proper Greek to somebody I didn't work with. OK I only said hello, how are you are you well and do you speak English (to which he replied hello, so -so and you and a little English) but he knew what I'd said and more to the point I knew what he'd said. I was ridiculously pleased with myself !!
The late start also gave me the chance to sow some sweetcorn (although I'm not sure where I'm going to put it), plant out some peas that I sowed in pots a couple of weeks ago and sow some more - Impy I told you it peas were a doddle when you come out squatting I'll show you how !! Oh and BTW Max sorry mate couldn't find anything to that spec in the South - more chance in the North of the Island (apparently you are allowed to lock your kids in the cellar up there - no EU regulations against it you see) And prick out some rudbeckia seedlings. To my amazement the thyme I sowed a little while ago has germinated - it must be Teatrees sage advice on herbs (sage do you get it??) that gets the credit for that. Drawing wise, things are coming along nicley, I'm on target to get the stuff completed and submitted by April 20th - and that's without even tracing anything Wren !!!!