Thursday, 3 January 2008


It's 2008 - I'm 40 this year - how has that happened then ????!!!!!

So ignoring my impending middle age, what's going on here ??

Christmas came and went, got some nice stuff - thanks everybody - specially like the knife I strap to my leg, very James Bond - somebody else said Lara Croft but I really haven't got the figure for that. Santa was good to the boys - managed to bring them a couple of bikes - I've just spent the afternoon finding and fixing 3 punctures in Sam's tyre..

There's been no more rain since the last post, they tell me more will come, but I reckon it's just wishful thinking on the Cypriot's behalf. So taking advantage of the sun, the holiday break and a quantity of seed potatoes which George thought were being smuggled but weren't and then conveniently split open outside the office I have nicked some more land and dug a new potato bed. No idea what the tatties are but I've stuck them in anyway.

I've set up what was Sam's room until he decided he did really want to share with Mattie as an office and got my books, drawing boards etc etc out. That's as far as I've got so far but it is a start. Plant Portfolio part 2 here we go. It means I can plan my football coaching sessions better too.
Diving wise, I've done the Zenobia (or the Zen as us Advanced divers like to call it !!!) a couple of times since my last post and another dive with Jeff - the drysuit Drum lent me has been a Godsend - it's heaps warmer in it. I mean it's cold diving here and the water is 18 degress Celsius - I dread to think what it's like of Whitley Bay. My big computer has broke and eaten all the pictures I've taken - and the plant stuff for my course and I haven't got round to trying to get it off yet so no pics again today, but maybe I'll have a go at rescuing them tomorrow.