Friday, 13 August 2010

Know My Onions?

I have the most fantastic onion harvest!!! The soil at Somerby must be really suited to them, not just onions but other alliums too (that's garlic, shallots and leeks to the uneducated). With a bit of luck I should be self sufficient in them until next year. Now I know that to most of you that's completely uninteresting but to me it's at least a step forward in my lifetime plan of being like Tom (and less like Babara) in the Good Life.
Also had French beans by the bucketful, brocolli, potatoes and how could I forget the carrots - never ever managed to get carrots to grow before. Well I could, but they always ended up in those rude shaped three legged varieties which made the boys snigger instead of eat them. But this year I'll actually have surplus so am freezing them.
The next step was to get Beccy chickens for her 40th birthday present - I know I'm such a romantic - so her garden now has Kentucky, Flash and Nugget wandering around it clucking, scratching and not as yet laying any eggs!! Tank found them very interesting and has already caught one - he got a good talking to and is being enrolled on an obedience course. One of the problems he has though is that it appears OK to chase rabbits, magpies and pigeons but not cats or hens. Very confusing for a dog no doubt. I fear segregation will be the only way.
I've decided that I really like Barton, so will be staying. Am part way through buying a house here. I was part way through buying a cottage nearer the boys - it was a dream, loads of land and orchard, vegetable plot and a garden but I was gazumped - the bungalow was a bit of a backstop - not the dreamhouse, but immensely practical and very handy. I'm sure once I've put my stamp on it I'll love it.