Saturday, 19 May 2007

Sorry !!!

It's been ages since my last post, in my defence I have been up to my eyes in stuff here. The coaching went OK, although the last day was cut somewhat short by soaring temperatures, people were dropping like flies. I was later told it had been the hottest May day for 50 years - reaching 42 degrees !!! I now need to do 16 hours coaching, and be assessed and pass - easier said than done, in the last group of 16 only 5 passed !!
I'm studying hard, wading my way through plant science, easily the most boring part of the course, which makes it the hardest to get through. Why do I need to know what meiosis is ??? Just that you put stuff in the ground and it grows. Anyway nearly finished that bit - then onto soil structure - I'm sure I'll get to something to do with gardening soon.
Here the weather is erratic, we've had huge storms one day then blazing sunshine the next, today was a blazing sunshine day and I am suitably pink to prove it. I can't remember if I said that I'd rigged up an irrigation system for the patch of ground I nicked using a bolt, a hosepipe and a drill. Seems to work fine, but isn't the prettiest to look at. Things seem to be doing OK, the toms are swelling nicely - I've had a few strawberries, not enough for anybody else to have any but hey they don't even know they are there. The mirabilis Flo sent me are doing well, I've got some little cukes starting to grow and the lettuces are ready.
Now back to roots, root caps and apical meristems - I'll try not to leave it so long next time.