Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mad dogs and Englishmen

In this case don't go out in the midday sun, but head off down to the beach to collect bagfulls of seaweed. Me (the Englishman) and Charlie (the mad dog) went down to the bit of rocky beach just near to the office and collected a jeep full of seaweed. No I haven't invented a way to make Zivania from it, it's is now proudly sat atop my beds as a thickly laid mulch, well most of my beds anyway. I read somewhere that it was a good soil conditioner and made a good mulch, and seeing as how they don't do stuff like that in bags here and it's free I thought I'll give that a go !!! Apparently they use in Jersey to cover their Jersey Royal potatoes - so Impy tells me anyway.
Spring has been springing, the fields are mainly yellow with bits of purple and red in them so look quite pretty and down on the beach today there were lovely tiny purple flowers growing in the sand.
All my chilli's are coming along quite nicely thankyou very much and are soon to be pricked out, I've planted some toms outside and they are flowering, it still gets quite chilly at night, but they seem to be happy enough and an aubergine I've had outside all winter is starting to flower.
It was warm enough outside today to be working in just shorts, summer must be coming.

Oh and Happy Mother's Day Mam, hope you've enjoyed it XXX