Friday, 28 May 2010

Barton, Beer & Brassicas

Well I promised it wouldn't be two years between posts this time, not that I think anybody is
(a) reading this or (b) cares !!
Life in Barton is good - I like it here. And this weekend is the Barton beer festival so I might just get to like it even more. Not done a lot since my last post except had a week of lates followed by a week of nights, so now I'm not really too sure what day it is today.
Found out this week that my car was a write off in a previous life, which is what happens when you buy in haste, anyway I've traded it in for a very sensible and practical Peugeot diesel estate which is supposed to do about 700 miles to a gallon, well maybe not quite that many but it's a few. Didn't really want one, was going to buy a Jeep for the same amount of money but which does about 700 yards to a gallon - common sense prevailed so the Peugeot it was.
I've not really had too much chance to get over to the plot at Somerby the last couple of weeks which is a shame as the weather has been OK, I'm expecting it to be a riot of weeds when I get there, but hopefully those pesky pigeons have been kept off my brassicas by a combination of shiny spinning CD's, netting and Victoria's daft dogs!

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