Monday, 30 July 2007

The Last Post.....

...... well for a fortnight or so anyway, unless I get a chance at my mother in laws. We fly home for a couple of weeks on Wednesday. Got a family wedding next weekend, so it'll be good to catch up with everybody there, then start a round of visiting friends and family, culminating in me taking the boys away camping for a weekend, whilst Jo goes to London shopping and doing "London" things with her mates down there. All I can say is the weather back home had better improve before then !!!
Went to a Grenglish wedding this weekend - a colleague (an English Cypriot) got married, it was a strange mix of traditional Greek and English. The Greeks don't usually do speeches, but Marcos did - I really felt for his best man who had no real idea what was expected from a best mans speech. And I'd been out to a leaving do the night before, if I'm not careful I might start developing a social life. Apart from that spent most of the weekend playing in the sea with the boys, so am suitably pink to prove it, and poor Mattie burnt the soles of his feet walking barefoot on the road looking for Charlie who had snuck off, oh well it'll teach him not to wear his flip flops !!
I fully expect to come back to a garden as dry as sticks, I've started pulling out all the dead and dying stuff, leaving in the chilli's and tomatoes and gazania's which are all doing OK - the toms are flagging a bit but still producing, whilst the chillis mostly have fruit on them, but are surprisingly struggling a little bit. I'm starting research for next years plants - I think I'm going to have to have a few more succulents - the only trouble is that generally I don't like them very much!!! I went out onto the bondu yesterday and collected some seed from stuff that grow out there, some alliums, echinops, cistus and lantana - and they have all died back too so I reckon I'll have to accept July and August as the times when the garden looks poor over here and adjust things accordingly.
Here the weather is really quite strange - today it is cloudy but incredibly humid - and that is the biggest problem, the humidity has been at around 80 percent and apparently temperatures are about 5 degrees higher than normal for this time of year - the humidity makes it very difficult to do anything, just moving leaves you covered in sweat and you just can't get dry !! Not expecting much sympathy considering what is happening at home but just saying anyway!!! It's bizarre, I was looking at something about last summer which said the North East of England had no rain for over three months last year - and look at it this. Who says climate change isn't happening?
For those of you who I'll be seeing over the next couple of weeks - see you soon, and those I won't I'll be back on the 15thish.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Too hot

It's just too hot for the garden. Whilst the UK has been basking in monsoons, we've been having a heatwave. In the back yard it reached 50 degrees during the week - now that's hot by anybodies standards. Even though I've been defying the hosepipe ban on the basis that every bugger else does - a lot of the plants are just getting too stressed and are giving up the ghost. I pulled out my sweetcorn, the cobs hadn't swelled, raddish, lettuce and carrots I sowed a few weeks ago haven't germinated and even some of the tomatoes have chucked it. Having said that I don't owe the tomatoes anything, they've been supplying the neighbourhood for weeks now. I knew July and August would be tough on them - it's a learning curve I guess. Matthew has been "helping" this week, this mainly involves digging holes and pouring water into them - but I don't want to discourage him, as long as he doesn't start digging unsupervised holes during the school holidays!!
I may have a designing job to do sometime soon. Huseyin one of my colleagues gets married soon and has just finished building his own house - he has half an acre of land and wants to do something with the garden. So I've offered to come and measure up and draw something for him - he gets a free design - I get something that hopefully will be good enough to submit to the college.
Away from the garden, I started playing tennis this week having been ordered to go by the fiesty 70 year old bloke coach who Jo signed me up for some lessons with. First time I've played a match since school. I don't think I made a complete muppet of myself - and I enjoyed it, despite it being hard work in the sun. I've not been diving since I qualified - have done some nightshifts this week so haven't really been awake enough to go diving during the day. Maybe next week cos I'm on late shifts so can go before work.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Life has.......

.........kind of settled down a bit, and I know I said it last last time I will do this more often - OK Teatree ??

Well what's happened in the last month or so. Seeing as how this was a gardening thingy in the first place I'll start with the garden. Things are very hot, the kind of hot where you get sweaty, have a shower and can't get dried again,, anyway it doesn't do much for the garden !!! Coupled with the fact that the Garrison has unilaterally declared a hosepipe ban (the Cypriots use water like there's no tomorrow). It's an effort to keep things green, but I knew it was going to be like this. The tomatoes are doing really well, I've been feeding them to half the street, the pot marigolds, marigolds and have just gone over, but I've got some more almost ready for planting out. The chilli's are doing really well, but just about everything else is struggling. Think I'm going to have to ignore the hosepipe ban or give up during July and August.
We went to Disneyland Paris for a weekend, it was my Mam's 60th and Mam and Dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary so with one of my brothers his wife and their two kids off (and Mam and Dad) off to Paris we trooped. We had a lovely time, the kids especially. After a brief stop back here (two days) I jetted back to the UK to do the RHS exam - I think it went OK, results sometime in September.
Since coming back I've started and will complete tomorrow, my PADI open water diving course, it'll mean I can go out independently from the dive shops. I've not managed to drown so far so that's good, and it's opened up a whole range of stuff and gadgets to look at. I should be getting a disc soon so I'll post some pics when I get it.
The football coaching bloke rang yesterday, the assessor is back in August for a support day, I'll miss cos I'm back in UK for my cousins wedding, he's coming back at the back end of November for final assessments. I'm going to have to find a team to coach, but I maybe helping out with the Army team later this month.
Oh and I occasionally go to work!!!! Where I've managed to rescue 4 dogs and a kitten since I was last on. The dogs have found homes, the kitten which currently has no name is here, as long as it has no name we can pretend it's not moving in !!!