Monday, 18 February 2008

I'm rubbish at this !!!!

Once again I forgot to blog !!!

Not that I've had anything particularly startling to say, life is just kinda plodding on as it does. It's definitely winter here - windy and rainy at the minute and relatively cold. Not cold enought to stop the tatties I planted a while back from poking their leaves through the soil or stopping the lettuces, radishes and peas I sowed outside coming through. I've sowed a boatload (well propagator full) of chilli's - about a dozen varieties - so am hoping to have a chilli plantation this year. Last years still have chilli's on the plants - no leaves mind, I'm leaving them in to see what happens.
Haven't done any diving for a while, partly cos it's cold but mainly because my "dive buddy" Jeff is in the UK and won't be back for at least another week (his wife has been really quite poorly).

See told you not much startling has happened - but at least I remembered and I will try to post a bit more often from now on !!!!