Wednesday, 5 December 2007

And again....

This wasn't in the brochure - sun sun and more sun they said !!!! It's been lashing down at times today. Cyprus is a funny place, they complain that they don't get enough rain then when it does all they have are storm drains to channel the water into the sea - none of the houses on base have gutters and drainpipes so water butts are out of the question - such a waste. Anyway at least my potatoes - which I hope to harvest for Christmas dinner have had a good water today.
My citrus tree with the teeny tiny fruit on has loads on it - they are quite tasty the only trouble is they have loads of pips - one I had the other day had 26 pips in it - now bearing in mind the fruit is the size of a penka (a big marble) 26 is a bit excessive.
I'm part way through my Advanced Open Water Diving course, you have to do 5 dives - Deep and navigation are compulsary and you choose 3 others. I've done a drysuit dive, in a suit borrowed from one of the soldiers - very strange being underwater and being dry, and the navigation dive today. Didn't enjoy the navigation one - the wind and rain had stirred the bottom up - so there was literally zero visibility - but managed just using a compass to dive a square starting and finishing in the same point, the same for a straight line and to navigate us back to the beach to get out. I do feel a sense of achievement though, the instructor reckoned if I can do it in that I can do it in anything. I was supposed to be doing the photography dive today - if I'd wanted pictures of sand close up it'd have been fine, but good for nothing else, that can wait for another day. We were supposed to finish tomorrow, but the wind has blown up more so it'll be Friday at the earliest before I get back in the water.
And I've found somebody to coach - woohooo - been coaching at soccer club (yes I know it's called football but I didn't name the club !!!) after school on a Tuesday and I think I'll be starting at the Youth Club come January, so hopefully I'll get the assessment done spring next year and be qualified.
No pics today cos I've not taken any !!