Tuesday, 23 October 2007


It's ages since I posted anything, no excuses really just haven't. Well what's happened since the end of August. Erm all of September and most of October !!!
Right - I passed my RHS exam with commendations (which means I scored more than 70%) so I'm dead pleased with that - now I need to start pushing on with the rest of the course. The dark nights are coming in, so I'll crack on over the winter. I just need to find a few gardens to practice on. My garden itself is coming back to life after the heat of the summer, I've got chilli's growing strongly still, french marigolds self seeding themselves, citrus' coming into bloom, fruit on the big tree are tiny, but starting to ripen, some potatoes I planted rather than chuck away are coming through and I've got loads of seedlings sown over the last couple of weeks coming through. I've planted out garlic and onions, peas will go in at the weekend.
I've not been diving for a few weeks now, but hope to at the weekend and have now got my own air cylinder (not oxygen tank !!) and a underwater camera and housing so should be able to post some pictures.
I've bought a bike and cycle to and from work nearly every day, organised weekly 5 a side at the garrison gym and am still playing tennis, my knees are shouting at me a bit, but well I'm managing to run about still, so am not ready for the knackers yard yet.
I'm sure there's been much more than that happen, but I've forgot - so this'll have to do you !!!