Sunday, 10 June 2007

Done it again Haven't I

Well having promised to try harder and not leave it so long I failed that test miserably. And now for thexcuses : We had a weeks holiday at a place called Bogas in the North of the Island, it's only about an hour - if that- from here, but it was great just to get away from the phone and the base for a bit and just lie about and do nothing. And that's basically what we did. Me and the boys played in the pools or the sea or a version of cricket that I'm not sure the MCC would recognise as being their rules, I joined in obviously and whooped the pants off them - 2223 not out I was !!! (well not really but there was a lot of Daaaaaad play your worst - which is actually harder than you think). Jo lay in the sun and topped up the tan. Would post some pick but we haven't got any cos we forgot the camera - but if anybody wants to have a look this is where we stayed
Before leaving I was worried about what would happen to my plants in pots - would they frazzle in the heat, so inspired by something Wren once mentioned sometime - I took a bucket of water and an old towel, wet it thoroughly and stuck one end of the towel in it, then stood all my pots on the towel - and it more or less worked, had a couple of casualties - lost my basil seedlings and my fat babies (a type of cucumber thingy to the uninitiated), but I think it was because they were too wet !!!! I'm harvesting tomatoes like a good un - as ever I've done way too many, when will I remember that there's only me eats them ?? Even though I'm having salad every day (ever so healthy me!!!) I struggle to eat them all and I've more plants fruiting - oh well. My cucumbers are doing really well too.
I think next week I'm having a "try dive" - Jeff has persuaded me to have a go, he's been doing it a while and a couple of weeks ago did his open water course so is dead keen at the minute. I was supposed to do it last Friday, but the instructor couldn't fit me in. So this week instead I think, that's if I can fit it in cos Jo goes home on Wednesday for few days to go to a wedding.
Am well past roots now thanks Teatree, am currently learning how to grow properly the vegetables I've been growing incorrectly for the last few years - there's no mention of hurling or bunging anywhere - sure I must have missed a chapter out!!! I hope to get the text books done by Wednesday and revise from then until the exam.
And lastly -- I have to go to a car boot sale today -- in an official capacity, I have to approve them selling beer to the public, as I've said before very different job over here.
Take care all.